Releasing the Need to Struggle

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5 responses to “Releasing the Need to Struggle

  • ohnwentsya

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I’m currently working thru this same issue in many ways tho for me rather than struggling for parental love support etc which was pretty consistent because despite having only one parent for most of my childhood that parent was a very grounded loving supportive person.

    She had no control over a society rooted in patriarchy, genocide, violence, racism, sexism, ableism and whatever we should call the seemingly rampant and endless desire to murder and turn into profit every living thing on our planet.

    From the racist/sexist/ableism soul crushing of day to day life in school and church to the heart shredding of daily seeing my beloved elemental, plant and animal friends dismembered enough masse (clear cuts tied with slaughterhouses and chicken trucks for ripping away any feeling of comfort in this form).
    I came to feel that nothing I could do would make this world full of ravenous monsters safe and happy for me.
    I set out to change it, to stop the daily tsunami of harm and suffering that seems to drive colonized culture and industrial society.

    40years of struggling later I too am worn out and tho I do see signs of the changes I struggled for I too feel like struggling is no longer useful.

    I know intellectually that I and all living beings deserve to live in a world rooted in love and compassion not hierarchy and violence but I’m pretty sure my emotional body/inner child who still endures the daily reminders from the power tools roaring their destruction across the city to the dryer sheets, smoke and other pollution causing me to gasp with asthma is not yet convinced.

    So far I focus on gratitude and love for all the good, all the living beings still living for instance-guerrilla gardeners and all the permaculture groups and seeds yet to sprout.

    Some moments it works, some moments struggle/fear etc gain the upper hand.

    Eventually tho I will clear it out!

    • Eilif Verney-Elliott

      Beautiful reply. I am preparing a better response soon to your eloquent and very moving comment.

    • Eilif Verney-Elliott


      Thank you for your comment. Although I did not write the piece, I feel very moved and intimately connected with it. Our society is definitely grounded in- and upon- racism, ecocide, genocide, sexism, able-ism, etc. The financial top 1% have taken 93% of all the new wealth created since 2008. Yet this gets confounded into the typical scapegoats. Here, in the UK, I am fighting an uphill battle against the rise of fascism. Immigrants are being scapegoated, harassed and the Spirit of Enoch Powell is back. My work as an anti-racist, pro-migrant theorist has led to me getting daily hate mail from the far-Right. Of course, this is to be expected, but the rhetoric is ramping up. Someone calling themselves ‘Adolf Hitler’ sent me a lovely message about how I am a terrible commie faggot. We are all worn out; we are actually worn out a piori to birth, in my opinion, at least in our epoch. The industrial revolution increased ‘living conditions’ so that the population of humans went from 1 billion to 7 billion in 150 years. This, for me, is the central nexus of the problem of existence. There are far-too-many humans. We have hijacked the entire planet. Our means of production and labour are expropriated from us, and our very psyches belong to NIKE!

      I don’t know if we should ‘clear it out.’ I think that, like Hegel, we might find our being in ‘lingering with the negative.’ What do you think?

      • ohnwentsya

        Thank for your thoughtful reply to my comment. I just spent an hour writing a reply with my positive ideas about this and my WordPress app appears to have simply erased it:-/
        I’m kind of in shock as I rather suck at typing on a phone and have rarely condensed my thoughts so clearly but perhaps when I recover from losing all of that I can retype the bits I remember:-/

      • Eilif Verney-Elliott

        Dorian, I am pleased to read that you put in the time and effort. And I am certain that I would have enjoyed and given your writing a thoughtful Reading, so please do re-try when you have the space and time. Many blessings, Eilif

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